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What is CTIG?
The Counter Terrorism Intelligence Group (CTIG) is a component of the FBI Houston Field Intelligence Group (FIG), consisting of various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies which acts as a strategic intelligence node of the Houston Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  This group produces and disseminates intelligence products, conducts training and establishes and maintains liaison with state and local law enforcement officers and agencies operating in the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast Region. 

The CTIG collects, evaluates and analyzes incident reports of suspicious activities reported by the public and law enforcement communities, in an effort to identify potential trends or patterns of terrorist operations within the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast Region. The CTIG then produces and disseminates a summary of the information in the form of a monthly report titled the FBI Intelligence Bulletin.  The CTIG also functions as a vehicle for two-way communication between the JTTF and the law enforcement community within our region.  

Why CTIG is needed?
With the cooperation of the law enforcement community, the CTIG can provide a comprehensive intelligence product offering officers a regional picture of trends and patterns of reported incidents of suspicious activities of potential terrorist operations within their respective jurisdictions.  The CTIG can also serve as a counter terrorism training resource to the law enforcement community, as well as a JTTF point of contact for all agencies serving the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast Region.

Who should participate? 
Any law enforcement agency within the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast Region (See The CTIG Territory) that might benefit by receiving information regarding comprehensive, counter terrorism intelligence products, training and investigative resources. 

Why become a partner?
Intelligence is a vital key to the “War on Terrorism”.  Becoming a partner in the CTIG program has several benefits:

  • It ensures that potential threat-related information is shared with our federal, state and local law enforcement partners
  • It facilitates the productive liaison within the law enforcement community
  • It encourages the sharing of counter terrorism intelligence. 

Law enforcement partners also benefit by receiving valuable counter terrorism training provided by CTIG, Department of Justice, and State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT).

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The Counter Terrorism Intelligence Group (CTIG) is an Intelligence Sharing Initiative
owned and operated by the Houston Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

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